Our Team

Javed Ahmed


Mr. Javed Ahmed is the Chairmen of Golden Jubilee Enterprises (Private) Limited. Mr. Javed has led the firm in a most every key management capacity including President/CEO. He provides client support and interface to assure Golden Jubilee Enterprises performance is consistent with our Mission and Vision Statements. He takes a leadership role in reinforcing the Core Values of the firm and reinforcing the culture that is firm.

Toqeer Javed


As a CEO, Toqeer oversees the day-to-day management of the firm. He has taken a key role in all aspects of the performance of Golden Jubilee Enterprises (Private) Limited. He continues to take an active role in supporting the Preconstruction Services provided by the firm, providing contract negotiations, new project procurement, and client interface throughout the duration of a project. His primary responsibilities center around implementing the key strategic initiatives of the firm which are built on a foundation of the firm’s Mission and Vision Statements.

Focusing Area:

  • Provide complete range services and business solutions
  • Sustainable project management and construction services
  • Contemporary and modern designed Engineering solutions

Mohsin Javed

Executive Vice President/ Managing Director

As Executive Vice President, Mohsin Javed takes an active role in all management aspects of Golden Jubilee Enterprises (Private) Limited. He is the primary executive overseeing the administration and supervision of all operations staff, including project teams and office support staff.  He works in concert with project teams in order to improve project efficiency by overseeing controls including cost control, project scheduling, onsite safety, and quality.  Having broad experience with both pre-construction and operational responsibilities, He has held leadership roles on projects for numerous public and private clients.

Moiz Ayub


He manages staff work and other curricular site activities. He is well trained related to our field and manages all work effectively and efficiently. He also manages clients and guide them with best policies and services of company.

Zunair ul Hassan


He is well trained officer, provide structure material on site and guide workers how to manage the work. He is responsible on project site activities and guide the management authority for work loading surface area.